Why Choose Multi Layer Insulation (MLI)?

Multi Layer Insulation is an energy efficient, affordable, and effective solution to many common home problems. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why buildings can benefit from adding MLI systems.

Benefits of Multi Layer Insulation


Multi Layer Insulation helps create a more energy-efficient attic, which results in lower home energy cost reductions. 

More specifically, MLI helps make sure heat doesn’t get trapped in an attic. When heat isn’t getting trapped inside the attic, less heat is being transferred to the lower levels. Multi Layer insulation can block up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, translating to a heat reduction of almost 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the summer months, this heat reduction can be extremely beneficial for homeowners. When you reduce radiant heat transfer through an attic, the whole home becomes cooler, and your electricity usage lowers as a result. 

Heat naturally rises from warm areas to cold areas, meaning that heat generated by your home’s lower floors will rise to the attic. Multi Layer insulation reflects that heat back down to the lower levels and keeps the home temperature more even.

This balance improves the efficiency of an attic’s ductwork. This relationship between the insulation and the home’s energy usage takes the pressure off your home’s heating and cooling systems. 

Better than radiant barriers

Multi Layer Reflective Insulation is more impactful and valuable than everyday radiant barriers. 

Unlike radiant barriers, multilayer insulation is designed to work with conduction, convection, and radiant heat. Multilayer insulation is a more thorough, innovative, and impactful insulation solution than radiant barriers. 

Multi Layer Insulation is the future of insulation!


Most installations can be completed in less than a single day and can be done year round.

Engineered Tech

Our Multi Layer Insulation products are patented and have up to 5 layers of insulation technology for your comfort and savings.

Tested, Proven,
& Backed

Scientifically designed and tested for performance and durability, with long-term product warranties.

The Future of Insulation

Better Than Radiant Barriers

More layers, fire-resistant, and designed to deliver more savings. Don't settle for radiant barriers.

not Absorbs

While most insulation slows down heat transfer, reflective insulation bars it from even entering the home structure.


Reflective insulation is easier to install and work with compared to other insulative materials.


Reflective insulation works in both summer and winter. It provides energy efficiency 24/7, 365 days per year!

Common Problems, Smart Solutions.

Unsure why MLI is right for you? Here are some of the problems and root causes that multilayer insulation helps resolve.


Common ProblemCommon SourceSmart Solution  
– Drafty rooms

– Rooms run hot and cold

– High heating or cooling bills

– Ice dams on the roof in the winter
– Outdated, worn down insulation– Reflective multilayer insulation

Basement or Crawlspace

Common ProblemCommon SourceSmart Solution  
– Your floors are cold in winter

– High heating or cooling bills
– Pests in basement or crawlspace
– Outdated, worn down insulation – Reflective multilayer insulation

Qualify for Tax Credits

 Multilayer insulation can qualify for federal tax credits!

Thanks to the IRS 25C tax credit, homeowners can save more money when they improve their home with multilayer insulation. 

The tax credit, which is extended through 2021, allows for homeowners to receive tax credits of 10% of the installation cost, with a cap of $500 overall. 

Effective in hot, cold, & mixed climates

Our multi-layer reflective insulation products (based on different installation methods) are designed to help improve the performance of mass insulation by increasing the thermal efficiency and reducing radiant, conduction, and convection heat transfer.

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